Ferrari F360 Novitec Rosso

Novitec is a German company specialized in tuning italian cars. Since they first started in 1989 with a Fiat hatchback they have evolved to the high end of the Fiat Group. Today over 300 people work for Novitec. 

Ferrari F360 Front Bumper Aftermarket Parts Novitec Rosso Modena

Novitec made its name with engine tuning and still has a very practical approach when developing custom parts. All body part provide more then just a cosmetic function they serve an aerodynamic purpose as well.

Ferrari Accessories Novitec Tuning Performance Parts

The F360 Modena can be upgraded with a more aggresive Front Bumper that’s available in Carbon Fiber. 

Ferrari Modena Coupe Body-Kit F360 Tuning

Just like all other body components the Side Skirts have been shaped in the wind tunnel to provide additional downforce. Ultra light Carbon Fiber Side Skirts are available at extra charge.

Ferrari F360 Tuning Novitec Body-Kit 360 Modena Coupe

An aerodynamically shaped Rear Wing that is also available in Carbon Fiber pushes the rear of the F360 down. While the Rear Diffusor that fits the original rear bumper sucks the car closer to tarmac.

Novitec-Rosso F360 Tuning

A Carbon Fiber Grille and Black Taillights finish the enhanced look of the Ferrari Modena. Not pictured is the Front Spoiler for the original bumper of the F360 that comes in a Carbon Fiber finish upon request.



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